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Support NAYLAX
Annual corporate sponsorship is welcomed at any time during the calendar year. New sponsors enrolling during the Spring season are valid to the end of the calendar year: December 31; however new sponsors enrolled after the Spring and Summer seasons conclude (August 1 or later) will be valid thru the entire next calendar year. Renewing corporate sponsors will be invoiced each October for the following calendar year; payment received prior to December 31 will result in uninterrupted listing on the www.naylax.org home page. If payment is not received to continue sponsorship, discontinuation of the sponsor's listing on the NAYLAX Web site is automatic. Sponsors will also have their business logo printed on a banner and displayed at all youth lacrosse games throughout the season at Upper Linbrook, North Allegheny Youth Lacrosse home field. Your business will get great local exposure due to our schedule that includes teams north and south of Pittsburgh. Annual sponsorship rates are $250/year and up and benefits increase with amount donation. Please email naylaxinfo@gmail.com for additional information.