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North Allegheny Youth Lacrosse Association (NAYLAX) Spring 2017 – Parent Involvement
NAYLAX is a volunteer-run organization. Only the coaches, EMTs, and officials are compensated for their involvement. We rely on support and assistance from parents and the community to run a quality program for our players. Volunteers are needed each season for the following duties:

Home Game Field Duty Positions

Families should understand that serving in these positions is not optional. Each family should expect to serve one of these positions for at least 2 games this season.

With fields at Lower & Upper Linbrook and Blueberry Hill, our teams enjoy a number of home games each season. While it is a luxury to not have to travel to away games, the home team does have responsibility for the payment of EMTs and officials, as well as the field duty positions below:
  • Set-up & Ender (1) – Checks field at start and end of each game to make sure there are 6 balls on each end line; also assists with teardown if last game of day. Items for set-up/teardown: folding table, timers, air horn, orange cones, scoreboards, balls.
  • Game Timer (1) – This person is stationed on the “team side” of the field for the duration of the game. He/she runs the official game clock, paying attention to the officials’ whistle, and updates coaches/officials regarding remaining time as requested. Blows air horn at end of periods and as requested by coaches.
  • Penalty Timers (2) – These people are stationed on the “team side” of the field for the duration of the game. They run timers for penalties in the penalty box.
  • Scoreboard Person (1) – This person is stationed on the “team side” of the field for the duration of the game. He/she posts score and periods.
  • Teardown (1) – All items collected and returned to shed. Deposit all discarded items into waste cans.
  • Statistics (1-2) – Coach will provide team roster to record player ground balls, goals and assists. This person is stationed on the “fan side” of the field for the duration of the game, unless also assisting with penalties or scoreboard.
  • Concessions – Our goal is to regularly offer basic concession items (drinks, packaged snacks) at weekend home games. Volunteers will be scheduled.

Additional help needed for a successful season:
These are additional opportunities to volunteer to support the program.

Team Parent: The Team Parent is a communication link between the coach or NAYLAX and the individual families, as needed. Team Parent is responsible for assigning field duty positions for all home games, planning a team year-end celebration, and communicating any concerns that may arise to the Board Representative for Team Parents.
Field Maintenance Assistance: The quality of our fields reflects upon our program. Each year the fields need to be prepared for the season and assistance is always welcome. Fields need to be measured and lined according to regulations.
“Parent Coach/Manager”: Parents with lacrosse experience or general coaching experience who are interested in assisting the Team Head Coach and Team Assistant Coach(s) are encouraged to volunteer. There are opportunities to help run drills, maintain sideline organization, keep statistics, etc. PA Act 34 Clearance is required for this position. Attendance at a minimum of 80% of practices and games is expected. This position will be “team side” for the duration of games.

Photography: Any photographs taken throughout the season can be submitted via e-mail to the NAYLAX Webmaster for possible placement on the team's page. A photo release is part of the Parent/Guardian Permission form; exceptions must be submitted in writing to the NAYLAX Webmaster.

Board of Directors: The NAYLAX Board is always looking for enthusiastic parents who would like to become involved at this level. The Board typically meets once a month from September through June. (contact )