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North Allegheny Youth Lacrosse Association
Spring 2020 – Registration Information
Registration will be handled first-come, first-served. 
We strongly encourage registering early!  Registration questions? E-mail 


Important Dates

Registration Closes

February 9, 2020
Last Day for Refund March 1, 2020
Mandatory Parent Meeting January 29, 2020
Indoor Practice / Pre-Season Clinics Feb 13 (7/8 and 5/6)  Feb 14 (3/4)
Outdoor Practices Begin TBD (March)
Games Begin April 2
Season Ends First or 2nd Weekend in June
Year-End Team Celebrations TBD 

NAYLAX traditionally does not schedule practices or games during
North Allegheny School District's Spring Break

About the Spring 2020 Season

If it feels like we are starting things a little later this year, you're right!  US Lacrosse has introduced several rule changes that affect all of WYPLA teams, including NAYLAX and it has taken WYPLA an extended amount of time to sort through those changes and how the entire league will adopt them. 

Below is a sumary of the major changes that we would like you to know about:


Historically, we have struggled with practices in March through Mid-April.  Fields are not available for much of that period and we have resorted to black-top surfaces.

The end-of-year survey confirmed the dissatisfaction we suspected with this arrangement.  We plan to hold all spring practices on turf fields in the surrounding area.  This comes at a considerable cost, but it's worth it.  One of the sacrifices this will necesscitate is we will not fund tournaments for 2019.  If there are tournaments that arise, you will fund your share of the tournament based on the number of players attending as an additional cost.


US Lacrosse has established new age groupings and birthdate cut-off dates, however WPYLA felt that it would be best to segment players by grade.  We will apply these to our registration process with even year rosters (6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U.).   



Kindergarten 6U  
1st and 2nd 8U  
3rd and 4th 10U  
5th and 6th 12U  
7th and 8th 14U  

All players must be 8th grade our below.  No 9th grade players are permitted regardless of age.  


There are a few major rule changes that have been promoted by US Lacrosse and will be adopted by WYPLA.  We are not adopting all rule chages, but here are some of the major differences from past years.


  • The teams will play three on three with no goalie on a shortened field
  • It is recommended that players use fiddle sticks instead of regulation sticks
  • The players will use a softer-than-regulation ball; and
  • The only lacrosse protective equipment that players will be permitted to wear are mouth guards, lacrosse gloves, which are optional, and protective glasses (as are used in girls' lacrosse), which are also optional


  • Play format will be 4v4 as per US Lacrosse guidelines
  • Play will be crossfield and use either 4x4 goals or 6x6 cages turned over to expose "triangle" end
  • The composition of the ball will be softer (non-standard lacrosse ball)

10U - the most sigificant changes

  • Play format will be 7v7 (6 plus goalie)
  • Play will be cross-field
  • No Offsides
  • Substitution on the fly WILL be allowed
  • Faceoffs WILL be taken up to a 5 goal differential - but no wing play until possession is declared
  • Up to 2 long poles per side (up to 54" in length)
  • Regular ball


  • Substantially similar to U13 rules from last year
  • 10 v 10 full field play with standard 6x6 goals
  • Body contact rules similar to past U13
  • Single wing can release for face off


  • Substantially similar to U15 rules from last year
  • 10 v 10 full field play with standard 6x6 goals
  • Body contact rules similar to past U15



At the 12U level there will be a skills evaluation to separate players into "competitive" and "development" team rosters.  There may also be an evaluation at the 14U level depending on registration.  This has traditionally only been done at the U13 level, but the age changes, likely roster sizes, and grade ranges may necessitate this evaluation and subsequent selection proces.  This will be done by non-parent coach evaluators and be performed in an objective manner similar to the U13 process last season.


OTHER CHANGES Changes for 2020 - 2021 season

  1.  We have a flat registration fee for each age without early bird.  A $25 late registation fee will be applied after January 15. 
  2. You will have the opportunity to purchase a practice pinny. If you don't already have one, or are in need of a replacement pinny, order during registration.  The practice pinny is required. They are $15.
  3. We are pleased that all forms are online for electronic signature this year.  No more printing, signing, and hoping your player hands it  to his coach!


NAYLAX will closely monitor registration numbers to ensure appropriate team sizes.  We make every effort to create teams with reasonable roster sizes to ensure playing time and a good experience.  We also want to encourage participation - so it's certainly a balance. Players will be confirmed based on the order of their registration and we encourage early registration for this reason.  

NAYLAX will make every effort to assign all interested boys to a team, but unfortunately we can not guarantee team placement in all age divisions. In the unlikely event that we cannot accept all registering players, we will provide a full refund.  There is no financial risk.


As in years past, all players (and coaches) must be US Lacrosse members. We benefit specitfically since US Lacrosse provides insurance for leagues who adhere to their membership standards. 

The registration system will prompt you for a US Lacrosse number, valid through the entire NAYLAX Spring season (expiration date after June 18, 2019). As previously mentioned, all families will need to get AGE VERIFIED in the US Lacrosse system as part of your membership/membership renewal.

 After completing your membership enrollment/renewal, you will be automatically transferred back to complete your NAYLAX Spring 2019 registration.

You can not register a player who does not have a US Lacrosse membership number, valid through June 18, 2018.
NAYLAX can not correct or address problems with the US Lacrosse Website or US Lacrosse membership enrollment/renewal -- You must contact US Lacrosse directly.
Registered Spring 2018 players withdrawing from NAYLAX on or before March 1, 2019 will be refunded their base registration fee, minus a $25 processing fee. Requests must be submitted in writing to  .  
No refunds will be issued after March 1, 2019
How to Register

Registration will be handled first-come, first-served. We strongly encourage registering early!
Registration questions? E-mail  
  1. Click on Register Now on the NAYLAX homepage
  2. Complete all fields.
  3. If you are paying by check, please note that you are not officially registered until we receive payment.

รข€‹Payment via check should be made out to NAYLAX with player's name in the memo line and sent to:

NAYLAX Registration

PO Box 124

736 W. Ingomar Rd.

Ingomar PA 15127