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Under the US Lacrosse and WPYLA rules for 6U: 

  • The teams will play three on three with no goalie on a shortened field
  • It is recommended that players use fiddle sticks instead of regulation sticks
  • The players will use a softer-than-regulation ball; and
  • The only lacrosse protective equipment that players will be permitted to wear are mouth guards, lacrosse gloves, which are optional, and protective glasses (as are used in girls lacrosse), which are also optional


Under the US Lacrosse and WPYLA rules for 8U: 

  • The teams will play four on four (three players and a goalie on each side) on a shortened field; and
  • The players will wear full equipment and use regulation sticks; but play with a softer-than-regulation ball. 


Under the US Lacrosse and WPYLA rules for 10U:  

  • The teams will play seven on seven (with one of the players on each team being a goalie) on a shortened field (the field will run the width of a regulation size lacrosse field);
  • Only the two players on the ball will be involved in the face-off (the players on the wings will not be able to release until one of the players on the ball gets possession);
  • There will be no off-sides.  In other words, all players are permitted to go both sides of the midline; and
  • Each team may have two long poles up to 54" in length. 



12U will play 10 on 10 on a full field. Only one of each teams wings can release on the face-off.



14U will play 10 on 10 on a full lacrosse field.